Monday, November 5, 2012

Lookbook: Last Rites of Autumn

Firstly, it is COLD right now in New Hampshire.  Seriously, I'm so wishing I was back in Atlanta like I was last week, because 70 degree weather beats 30 degree weather any day.  As such, usually I am incredibly lazy and self conscious about actually posting up pictures that could constitute as a "fashionable."  Then again, because nothing says you've been stuck at home all last week like forcing your roommate to take pictures of you prancing around HomeGoods, I was otherwise bored and obliged.  Thanks Kathryn!

Banana Republic black leather bag (old - similar); Madewell painted pleated mini; Banana Republic Knit Boyfriend Sweater (old); J. Crew Factory sleeveless popover blouse; J. Crew Factory statement necklace (old - similar); Tory Burch Caroline Ballet Flat (similar)

Alright, there's reason for the sheer ridiculousness of taking photos inside a HomeGoods, other than my sheer love for the store.  While Atlanta was a picture of the last remnants of Indian summer with its warm temperatures and cloudless skies, the one point I decided to venture outside of my apartment marked the only time the weather decided to rain.  There were two plus sides to being back home this week.  For one thing, I've finally been able to fully unpack since moving to my new apartment.  As such, I've been able to rediscover all these old things in the back of my closet, like this amazing leather bag from Banana Republic.  Two, I get to actually "live" in Atlanta, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since July.

I paired some old pieces like this cardigan from Banana Republic with my newly acquired flats from Tory Burch (which I swear cost an arm and a leg) with a mini skirt from Madewell.  Topping it off, I added my two go-to work pieces from J. Crew Factory.  Unfortunately, shilling too much money on clothes meant I could only go with the bare necessities on our HomeGoods trip.  Alas, at least we'll always have these pictures to show for it.  Ridiculous.

What do you think readers?  Ever do a impromptu photo shoot at a discount home goods store?   No?  I really recommend it if you want to get some laughs ever.  What?  Oh, well, what do you think of the outfit?  Holler at your girl if you want to judge, admire or express your mutual love for home decor or the suburbs.

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  1. Cute post, looks like you're having fun. I know what you mean about the Tory flats costing an arm and a leg. Ouch! They are must have flats. I have the same ones in the nude color, these are mine