Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Additions: Bracelets from INPINK

A couple weeks ago, I won a $30 gift certificate from fellow blogger, Bedknobs & Baubles, from INPINK jewelry.  Naturally being a lover of free things and deals, I obliged.  INPINK is an up and coming online jewelry retailer, host to a wide variety of fashionable basic and costume pieces for great prices.  Variety is the key word here.  Seriously, the range of styles is as wide as the Equator... forgive me, that simile embarrasses me too...  

Bracelets courtesy of INPINK.

In all honesty, I've been wandering around the site for a while, trying to find the right time to buy.  For a constant traveler, I'm not much of an online shopper.  I found two items that struck my eye (the Gold Tone Hammer Stretch cuff and the Purple Pave Beads Drawstring bracelet).  When I came home on Thursday, it was like Christmas day at the Viv-Kath household.  The final package was surprisingly impressive.  I mean, firstly, who packages a regular online order like this?  That's real beads and wrapping for free, folks.  Not to mention, came a plethora of scrunchy confetti in the box.  Would it be wrong if I called it a party in a box?

As per my love of all things friendship bracelet related, I fell in love with the purple drawstring bracelet.  The gold plated cuff proved to be a great early Christmas present for Kathryn, as her eyes twinkled as I handed it over for her... so much for a full Christmas tree this holiday season at our apartment.  In any case, it's the start to a happy weekend at home.

What do you think readers?  Sparkly enough?  Worth a look-see?  Find anything you like?  Share with me!  I'm at home and need some more pretty things to look at!  As always, holler at your girl down below.

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  1. What lovely jewelry, and I ADORE their packaging. Great find.

    Ali of: