Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Fun in Errors and Trifles

Have any of you guys ever written up an entire document or journal entry, and then accidentally delete it all and never recover it again?  It's funny how often that happens.  I think I'm at the point in my life where I acknowledge it, say a quick "that sucks" and move on.  Then again, that means I just get to do all of the writing and researching again this weekend, which does make me a bit excited.
Jacket:  J. Crew Nolita Indigo Denim Jacket, Shirt:  J. Crew Silk Color Block Camisole (sold out), Shorts: J. Crew 3" Chino Shorts, Necklace:  J. Crew Crystal Feather Necklace (sold out), Shoes:  Sam Edelman Heels (old), Purse:  Banana Republic, Sunglasses:  Kate Spade Gayla Wayfarers.
Call me a nerd, but I've incredibly jazzed about writing on business lately, specifically retail strategy and management.  Inspiration, as such, has come from a random source.  Case in point, the blog post lost was a discussion of J. Crew's success in revamping their brand image.  Inspiration in this instance has arisen from the fact that I completely binged last week on the J. Crew end-of-summer sale online, which explains the results of said purchases shown in pictorial form.  It truly is the power of the invisible hand at it's best, folks.  Now, thoughts are flowing once I've received these purchases, particularly, for two reasons:
  • Firstly, ever notice how J. Crew's discounts (at least in the last year and a half I've been tracking this) never go above the additional 40% off?
  • Secondly, how did J. Crew manage to completely revamp its image from the brand of my childhood (a somewhat itchy, standard brand of khakis and polos) to being the forefront of consumer fashion?
I've chatted with my roommate about namely the latter point in regards to how well J. Crew has done with its image.  Coming from a marketing background, she was quick to point out the flaws as much as their successes in their quick rise to cult-stardom.  At the risk of saying too much before I start writing again, I'll cut this discussion short as I have one more training video to run for work, and sleep is probably important.
 Consider this your warning, friends.  As you'll probably be hearing a good chunk of my business opinions and babbling as a result of this hobby.  I'm already having buckets of fun framing the argument in my head.  

I do have some questions, if you feel obliged to answer.  Any way to recover improperly deleted posts on the Internet?  Any tips for the wary Blogger user?  If you do, however, have some thoughts about the aforementioned questions, give me a holler.  It'd be great to get some other opinions in the mix.  You might get something out of it, like my undying love and appreciation.

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