Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Notables & Quotables

Following the marathon that was experienced the last two weeks at work, I finally have a break.  I'm in Boston this morning before I fly out, waiting for my computer to be fixed.  No computer means no way I can get do work (understandably so), and hence, a forced break and some much needed bakery-blogging time!  It's really a perfect day to do so.

Last week, I went on an absolute J. Crew binge, which still has yet to manifest itself again into the deep-delving blog post that I promised.  CNBC did a fascinating profile on J. Crew CEO Micky Drexler a couple years ago showcasing his management style and J. Crew's rise from fashion meh to cult brand.  It's viewable for free on Hulu if you want a little education.  

I'm a skeptic of high-fashion collaborations with more affordable retailers, but when pictures came out from Philip Lim's collaboration with Target... words couldn't even describe them.  Until the clothes actually come out and demonstrate how the quality actually is, I'm still superbly jazzed about the peplum tops, sparkle-dappled dresses, and BAM! scarves that are on display on Refinery29.

From an news writing perspective, the Vogue's September issue article on cover girl Jennifer Lawrence is definitely more than a bit biased.  Then again, Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant so I'm not going to argue against that very much so.  I love how this article does give a different picture of Jennifer Lawrence, who a year later is going through much less spotlight pre-Hunger Games/Oscars madness.  Also, there are pictures of her with puppies, and who doesn't love puppies?

Internet-aggregator-and-sometimes-news-source, Buzzfeed posted a collection of adorable pictures from Japanese photographer Nagano Toyokazu.  Toyokazu photographs his daughter Kanna in a variety of adorable circumstances like screaming at radishes, getting proposed to a Ken doll, and playing with stuffed pandas.

Lake Bell did a great interview with actor Fred Melamud and Terry Gross on NPR last week.  Bell and Melamud play a father and daughter in a comedy about movie trailer voice actors.  Funnily enough, both of them are voice actors (just in different capacities).  It's an interesting interview, I promise.

If you have anything to distract me with, comment below.  I'm much obliged, or else I'm going to the mall at Copley Square because I can't do anything from my personal computer.  Comment away!

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