Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travelogue + Lookbook: Unplugged in the Park

I feel like it's been a while since I've last wrote, but then again, that could be either extreme exhaustion or withdrawal from a clear case of writing addiction.  I'm sorry, I love to write.  Can you love a fool?

Part of the exhaustion could probably be attributed to the amazing and horrible decision to go to 99X's Unplugged in the Park concert series at Park Tavern in Atlanta on Sunday.  99X, which is a local rock station in Atlanta, puts on a free concert series from May through September at the gorgeous Park Tavern, which  is located on the southern tip of Piedmont Park (our own little version of Central Park).  Last Sunday, the Tavern played host to mine and my friend Coleen's (half of the incredible duo responsible for Cass and Cole) favorite singer Katie Herzig.  More on our ridiculous antics can be found on the next page.  Being fashionistas (or in my case, an unstylish poser), we dressed in our best bohemian summer dresses and skirts and hightailed our way to the park.

J. Crew Vintage Cotton Cowlneck Tank; Zara Accordian Pleated Skirt (similar)

Prior to my Neiman Marcus shopping spree, I had gone on a Zara binge during their semi annual sale.  The result?  A lovely little lace dress and this gorgeous mint pleated skirt, which was made for twirling and dancing like a mad woman.  Again, more on the dancing like a mad woman a little later.  To top it off, I paired it with a slouchy tank from J. Crew that I had gotten from $8 earlier this weekend (so much for giving up shopping).

Left:  Kate Spade Enamel Garden Drop Earrings (similar); Top-Right:  Second Hand Banana Republic Leather Sandals from Pony (Brooklyn, NY, similar);  Bottom-Right:  Sam Edelman Leather Clutch (similar)

Being that this was a party in the park, I accessorized with some Kate Spade gold drop earrings, that I had purchased on sale earlier this year.  Seriously ladies and fabulous gentleman, I had so much trouble figuring out what to pair those earrings with up to this point.  If you have any suggestions, this lady would love to hear it.  The concert also brought out two other blog-documented purchases of the leather sandals from Pony and the leather clutch from the Sam Edelman sample sale.  I personally would like to consider this a homage to my time in New York, but in all honesty, it's probably more indicative of my growing shopping problem.  Alas, we move on.

THE CONCERT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  One, because it was free and two because... well, you're going to probably want to click the next page?  What am I?  A girl that kisses and tells?  Absolutely not.  Fine Southern ladies make others work it.  Click the next page and I'll make it worth your while by proving some lovely Instagram-bastardized pictures.

In all honesty, one of them is my favorite pictures I've ever taken at a concert.
Long story short, Coleen and I made gigantic fools of ourselves.  We arrived at Park Tavern a good thirty minutes before the show was supposed to start.  If you're ever in Atlanta, Park Tavern is definitely a great place for a Sunday afternoon summer drink, with its huge white tent intended for weddings and other special occasions.  When it rains, beers are $2.00, making it a good place for a fun time in any kind of weather.  We ordered spinach and lobster dip with pita chips and caught up over two amazing bands, Mike Kinnebrew and Jen Lowe.

Top-Left:  Mike Kinnebrew; Top-Right:  Park Tavern; Bottom:  Jen Lowe

Two hours of craft beer-drinking, watching Coleen get hit on by a lovely little man, and watching an adorable child dance, we made a beeline to the front of the stage to support Katie and dance like absolute idiots. Imagine the dance scene from "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" at a bar, that perfectly describes what went down.  Fortunately, our dancing helped get the party started through "Hologram", "Free My Mind" and "Hey Na Na", but led me to have a terribly unfortunate wardrobe malfunction involving a sticky bra.  Apparently, sticky bras don't hold up to 90+ degree heat, dancing and sweating.  Lesson learned.

Katie Herzig at Park Tavern

At the end of the show, we both picked up set lists from the band and got them autographed from Katie, who not only recognized us acting like fools, but remembered us doing the exact same thing at her show last October.  Clearly, we're one more step away from best friendship.

Anyways, darling readers.  What do you think?  What summer concert has been your favorite?  What would you wear to a summer concert?  Enlighten me.  I'd love to hear it.


  1. great photos!

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  2. I love love love the skirt! You look so great.

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  3. Such a gorgeous look! Love the color of that skirt & your clutch is so cute!!

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  4. I love the skirt too! You think something like that could be work-appropriate? If so, what kind of top/shoes would you pair it with?

    1. I know right! It's so comfortable too... plus, I spun around in it way too much. For shoes, I'd say maybe a nude patent or a nude leather heel or flat. For a top, I'd say maybe a white or navy silk blouse, either at the elbow, short sleeved or tank, like this one http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=35356&vid=1&pid=905168

    2. Thanks lady! I will keep it in mind next time I drag myself out in public to go shopping :)