Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lookbook: Red, White, Blues in the Sky

I've been on a project that allows for a little more lee-way in the work outfit department with it's business casual dress code (with more emphasis on the casual).  I read a book once on business etiquette that suggested dressing ever so-slightly more professional than the rest of the office, but not enough as to be too distracting.  The conundrum for me last weekend was to find a way to break from the droll black pencil skirt, black cardigan, and random blouse combo and try a more summer-friendly work look.  

Banana Republic Red Sheath Dress (similar), J. Crew Metallic Gold Leather Belt (old), Madewell Scarf, Madewell Contrast Mail Mini Bag, Nine West Caress Patent Heels, Fendi Black Framed Glasses

In the spirit of experimentation, I switched out my cardigan for a scarf combo with my new sheath dress from Banana Republic.  I'll admit, I stole this idea from a mannequin I saw at J. Crew last year and still have a bit of mixed feelings on the look.  Yet, it was a great look to go from desk to dinner in Portsmouth.  In a way, it feels a little bohemian with the bold colors of the patterned scarf and the red dress mixing together, which is further intensified by the hipster black frames.  However, the skinny belt and the nude patent heels (in my mind, a professional woman's must-have) helps tie down the work-appropriate aspect of this outfit.

Left:  Close-up, Right:  Banana Republic Earrings (old)

A big shout out to my friend and a talented photographer himself, Feras, who helped pick the perfect Portsmouth location to snap a few photos at.  Not to mention, I think the old town church mixed with the red, white, and blue are kind of spot-on in the Americana department.

What you think?  Do you like it or should I go ahead and permanently remove this look from my suitcase?  Do I really look like a rabbi-lady?  I'll give you a nickel if you can name what song the title is from.  Holler at your girl down below.


  1. Great colors and outfit!

  2. love the red dress! it's great that you're allowed to experiment with different styles for work :D the gold belt definitely gives it a nice touch ad it pops too!

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    alex @

  3. i love the pattern of that scarf!! it really pops against the red :D


  4. You look great! You should definitely keep it in your in your suitcase. ^^
    The red dress is beautiful - the color is great, and I especially like that you paired it with those nude shoes. They look great. And ah, that can be so difficult, perfecting the balance between being fashionable and yet fitting in well at your office environment. I think this outfit definitely does that!
    ♥ xixia |

  5. i wear scarves like that all the time. you look great! great blog--love the design and features. why don't you have more followers? i remember first starting out... i loved getting encouragements from other bloggers. keep up the great work! :)

  6. Love the scarf! The print is so pretty!
    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?
    A's Fashion Files