Sunday, July 22, 2012

4 Beats to the Bauble Drum

Generally speaking, I'm quick to admit my obvious deficits (i.e. my lack of musical talent, athletic prowess, putting clothes together that look anything remotely fashionable without a large amount of thought and time behind it).  However, the very one thing that I'm capable of is jewelry shopping.  Give me a store filled with costume jewelry, and I'll whip up some sartorial dreams to make my mother proud.  As such, here are four online jewelry stores with excellent style, service, and prices that you should be on the look out for.

Suede Chain Cuff and White Link Drops Earrings (Images courtesy of Bauble Bar)

Alright, so most likely of the four, you've probably heard of Bauble Bar.  If you haven't, you should know that it's pretty much a productivity trap if you like things big, shiny and glittery.  Bauble Bar's wide variety of pieces include lanyard friendship bracelets, colorful statement necklaces, and personalized @Twitter pendants.  If you have heard of it, it's probably because Bauble Bar has been worn and covered by the likes of InStyle Magazine, the Today Show, and countless other celebrities (Jayma Mays, Emma Roberts, and Tina Fey just to name a few).  Prices range from the affordable at $20 to the luxe at $120.  Not to mention, for nomads like myself, Bauble Bar has a Jet-Setter collection featuring jewelry for any location.  My personal (and somewhat appropriate) favorites so far are from the Maine collection, as shown above. 
Note:  The White Link Drop earrings are free with any purchase of $30 or more from the Maine collection until 7/23.

Adebe Gold Bib Necklace and Mira Triangle Charm Earrings (Images courtesy of Crafts and Love)

One of my Facebook friends posted this amazing Etsy store after modeling some of her pieces.  I'm a complete sucker for handmade jewelry, and this one definitely stands out for its unique pieces.  Combining earthy colors with edgy cuts, Crafts and Love  has an amazing array of stone- and gold-based earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.  It also doesn't hurt that the designer has a 100% feedback rating.  My personal favorites are some of her gold plated pieces like the Adebe Gold Bib Necklace and the Mira Triangle Charm earrings, which are simple enough to wear to work or out on a night on the town.  Pieces range from $20 to $45.

For the rest of the entry click the next page!  I promise it'll be pretty and sparkly filled with big jewels and good prices!  Scout's honor!

Estate Style Vintage Statement Necklace and Hollywood Glam Earrings (Images courtesy of Hedgerow Rose)

Of all of the stores featured, I've been buying from Hedgerow Rose for the longest.  Lara Lewis's creation have been one of my great go-to gift places for years now.  Lara's gone from unique vintage pieces (as with this lovely gift from a friend from many years ago) to specializing in gem and stone work over the last few years.  Her craft has even gotten the attention of some big time magazines, with her work being used in Drew Barrymore's Cover Girl campaign a couple years ago.  Not to mention, Lara sends every order with a carefully written card and beautiful box, just to let you know how much she cares.  Prices range from $10 for on sale items to $150 for engagement rings.

Fancy Nancy Earrings and Geo Necklace (Images courtesy of Too Much Soul)

Too Much Soul puts the edge in "edgy."  With the glam rock vibe of "House of Harlow", TMS does one better with its affordable prices as well as its unique pieces.  I'll admit that this is another Facebook friend find, with one of my old classmates actually starting it, but I've been amazed just by the sheer variety of cuffs, pendants, and rings that they have available.  Price range from $6.50 to $13 for -- I kid you not -- that gorgeous Geo Necklace shown above.  If you subscribe to them, you can also get a extra 10% off your total purchase and free shipping with any order of $30 or more.  TSM is definitely a steal.

What do you think?  Like my picks?  If so holler down below.  Think there's another store that needs to be on the list or is at least worthy of checking out?  Still leave me a comment!  I promise it won't distract me too much!


  1. Wow Vivian. I love this! I've been meaning to accessorize more so your timing with this post couldn't be better.

  2. Cool jewelry. too much soul sounds more up my alley. i'll check them out~ thanks for the recommendations.

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  3. Love the reviews of these places! The only one that I'd heard of Bauble Bar, but now I'm intrigued to check out the others!!

    P.S. I'm having an INTERNATIONAL $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don't forget to enter! :)
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  4. Wah, I wish I was as jewelry savvy as you! I think the one area that I'm lacking the most in, fashion wise, is jewelry / accessories. I love finding clothes and matching them up, but once it comes to jewelry...I'm lost. XD
    I really like the Craft and Love designs, they're so clean and simple. My kind of jewelry! ^^
    ♥ xixia |

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  6. I am a sucker for jewerly. These pieces are so unique.