Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Travelogue: Musings on a Sunday in SoHo

At this point, I can probably go around traipsing like I'm a real New Yorker -- whatever that means.  I'm a fake New Yorker.  It's been a while since I've been back in this fair city.  So much so, that I acted like a deer in the headlights the moment I hoped into the taxi from the airport as my usual address slowly came back to me.  For a moment, I forgot where JZ lived, which would have in turn made for a homeless start to the weekend.  Fortunately, the ease and knowledge of the city crept back like the feeling in your fingertips when you just wake up.  It's like riding a bicycle.  Only, that bicycle is more like a state of mind.

Outdoor Market at Prince St. in SoHo; Manhattan Map cuffs.

Closing a successful weekend of rooftop welcome-back parties (aw shucks, you shouldn't have) and eating my feelings (bloat), we took one of my good girlfriends from home out to a New York Sunday brunch.  Given this is New York on a Sunday and us being early 20-somethings, no one showed up on time.  Not a single person.  This fortunately gave way to some exploration through right south of Houston St., or what you may know as the neighborhood of SoHo.  Yes, glorious SoHo.  The land of designer/hipster boutiques and where I assume pretty, famous people go to buy their goods.

While there were no pretty, famous people to be found, we did manage to stumble upon some amazing little shops and a street market on the way to the Tumi store to replace this monstrosity:  see "monstrosity."  For further elaboration of what we found, click the next page.  Click!  It's something interesting, I swear!

When you're shopping with a man briefly nicknamed "lumberjack", it's a rare and much appreciated occurrence when he agrees to wait patiently while you poke around at jewelry on the street.  If you take too long however, they get restless.  I take what I can get.  Hence while not actually buying anything, I did manage to snag some pictures.  Note to self, next weekend, come back and buy things.  In any case, the street market on Prince Street, starting at Elizabeth St., had a wealth of friendship bracelets, pendant necklaces, hats, shirts, and so on.  Some of my favorite trends had to be the chevron and long-cross pendants.

Jewelry Stalls at Elizabeth St. and Prince St.

The street itself was an ode to the upcoming fall fashions, filled with blazers and knits up and down Prince St.  Really, it seemed like the big colors for fall were navy, black and gold.  This one amazing little boutique called Lollipop had this beautiful gold tipped blazer on display, which is shown down below.  The downside?  This is not the place for someone who shilled way too much money for shoes the week before.  More on that story next time.

By the time we hit the Tumi store, our friends had conveniently arrived at the brunch place, so we scurried back quickly from there.  The monstrosity of a suitcase ended up being replaced by a London Fog suitcase that was on sale at Macy's.  That replacement suitcase then in turn broke within two days.  In any case, that little expedition proved to be more than entertaining for an hour to waste.  Not to mention, this little route is getting on my list of places to hit up for next time.

Until then, what do you think?  What necklace do you think I should purchase?  The love one, the chevron one, or the cross?  Ever been to SoHo?  Holler at your girl down below! 


  1. Their prices are quite competitive with the other pseudo ritzy restaurants in ATL - if you order their burgers/sandwiches, you will expect to pay $13-$15 for your meal (including a beverage), but the items that we ordered were off their mains, so they ranged from $15-$20. They have their full menu on their Facebook:

    I think it changes every few weeks, but it should still be the same. Let me know if you end up going!

  2. Wow those cuff bracelets are amazing. What is on them? Are those maps of the city? The weather looked beautiful wish it was like that now. Sandy is upon us! Cute blog!

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