Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lookbook: In the Air and On the Ground

What a whirlwind.  Four o'clock yesterday afternoon, I gathered my things from JZ's place in East Village and headed to the airport.  About 8 hours later and with little time to waste, here I am in Madrid soaking up the light breeze and sun, with my two best friends Ashley and Anita.  It's a bit of a friendship anniversary, as this year marks the 15-year anniversary of when I met Anita and the 10-year anniversary of when we both met Ashley.  In any case, it made for a good excuse for all of us to meet up in another country, since we all   live up and down the East Coast.  I'll probably write more on the sights and sounds of Day 1 a little later tonight/tomorrow morning.

With little time to spare, we all dressed for the plane ride as close as we could to what we'd be wearing for the day in Spain.  I put on an incredibly comfortable Banana Republic pleated skirt with a Club Monaco t-shirt on top, which made for easy sleeping and comfortable day-trip wearing (or as JZ called it, a nicer version of sweats).  Almost twelve hours later, I have no discomfort or complaints.

Banana Republic Accordion Pleated Skirt; Club Monaco Sunny Tee; Madewell Contrast Mini Mailbag (similar, similar)

Left:  In the garden of the Museo Reina Sofia; Right:  Swell Caroline Bracelet, Coach Watch (old), Madewell Indego Africa Bracelet

Click next to read more and a little sneak peek at the actual travelogue version of Day 1.  Slash, you totally should because we look absolutely adorable.  Read more!

If there was only complaint of the day, it would have probably been the choice in shoe-wear.  We ended up walking to two museums (Museo Reina Sofia and the Prado) and a park in one afternoon.  In any case, the weather and the scenery more than made up for our sore feet and tired eyes.

Ashley, Anita and I at Jerónimos Park

In any case, leave some sweet messages!  Ever been to Spain?  We're always looking for recommendations.   If not, what's your go-to travel outfit?  As always, holler at your girl down below.


  1. So cute!! You look gorgeous- way better than I do when I travel!! Love the blue skirt!! Are you just going to Madrid or are you going to Barcelona as well??? If you are going to Barcelona, you have to see all of the Gaudi amazing!!!
    AND THANKS so much for the sweet comment regarding my etsy shop- means a lot!! :)
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