Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Travelogue: Packing in for the Road Ahead

In two days, I will officially be on vacation.  A real, honest to God vacation... none of these "let's-break-away-from-blogging-for-actual-work" vacations, but a trip to a far away land with beaches, sangria and exotic foods.  While the actual trip portion of it is a tour through Spain, actually getting there is proving to be a journey in and of itself.  The itinerary is admittedly a mess given that I'm going from Portsmouth to Boston to New York City to Madrid.  Not to mention, packing has been quite the challenge given that I was coming straight from work.  Since it's getting rather late and I still need to finish packing, I'll probably just let the pictures do most of the talking.

Since I'm coming from a work trip, I needed some way to take a few clothes and make it last 2-3 weeks.  As such, I packed a bunch of statement necklaces to help differentiate looks from looks.  These of course range from the casual like the Crafts and Love necklace to the detailed J. Crew Factory statement necklace. It makes packing a whole lot easier if you also keep any small felt/fabric jewelry bags they might provide you  at the store.  That way, you don't have to fuss around with boxes or plastic bags.

Crafts and Love Fringe Diamond Charm Necklace; Madewell Necklaces (similar); J.Crew Factory Statement Necklace (similar)

Along with basics like a white t-shirt or a black tank top, I also packed some stand-out pieces with bling and pattern to them to make things a little more stylish for the trip.  Since I don't have all of the money in the world, I'm mixing some old items like the Sanctuary Tank top with some newer ones like the Banana Republic pleated skirt.  Then of course, there's the wild card Jaguar belt which I finally will let loose in Barcelona!

Sanctuary Beaded Tank Top (old), Banana Republic Accordian Pleated Skirt (on sale), Moss Mills Jaguar Belt (similar)

I will admit that I learned my lesson about packing walkable shoes from falling down a New York subway staircase in heels.  Hence, this time around I focused on bringing more terrain-friendly shoes like Sperrys or Toms.  Then again, since I can't avoid the heels, I had to throw in something huge and gaudy.

Sperrys Blue Fin 2-Eye Boat Shoes (similar), Toms Metallic Mint Classics, Katie and Kelly Sandals, Sam Edelman Heels

If you are curious where I'm going and what's on the itinerary, click the next page.  Don't hesitate to leave a comment.  I need suggestions for places to go visit or things to eat!  

1)  Portsmouth, 2) Boston, 3) New York City, 4) Madrid, 5) Toledo, 6) Sevilla, 7) Cordoba, and 8) Barcelona

Alright lovelies, do you guys have any suggestions for places to visit?  Am I crazy for attempting this many places in a span of 10 days?  Holler at your girl down below.

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