Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sisterly Bonding at the Hester Street Fair

My sister Isabel is one of the most fashionable and creative people I know.  In all seriousness, it's almost as if all of the talent genes skipped me and went straight to her.  During my extended layover to New York City last weekend, I got to stay with her at her recently moved-in and slowly-to-be-furnished apartment in the Lower East Side.  Given the short time that I was in New York for this week (much of it spend nursing my sore legs and avoiding the heat), we walked from the southern edge of East Village to Hester Street, a small street comprised of basketball/volleyball courts and random supply shops.  
That's the thing that I love about Manhattan.  No two neighborhoods are ever the same.  Lower East Side gets a bad rap for being a little grittier by night, with its clubs and bars.  In all honesty, I still can't say it's my favorite.  What I will say, however, is that our walk through the Lower East Side to Hester St. did provide a nice change of pace.  Not to mention, its host to the ever-wonderful Hester Street Fair, which breathed of ethnic fusion foods (Chinese/Indian, Japanese/Kosher, the list continues...).
On me:  Madewell Long Tank Dress, J. Crew Factory Bubble Necklace, Kate Spade Gayla Wayfarers
On her:  Yumi Kim Jayne Dress, Rayban Wayfarers, Tory Burch Reva flats
It's a small weekly event on a small stretch of concrete next to the basketball courts, nearly missable if it weren't for the giant sign at the front of the park.  Filled with handicraft jewelers, vintage clothiers and delicious treats, the fair makes for a quick but colorful Saturday stop.  Not to mention, it made for some fabulous people watching.  There is seriously nothing that delights me more than watching a bunch of New York City hipsters doing their mostly stereotypical thing (looking for outfits I could never dream of accomplishing and eating random foods, like Kosher/Japanese... really?).
The end haul?  Fortunately and contrary to expectations, we did not stuff our faces in the above mentioned food.  But, boy, did I wish I did.  Our focus lay in jewelry shopping, which resulted in me getting a cute, gold ring for a whopping $12, and Isabel getting the below shown jade arrowhead necklace.  
I'm still disappointed that I have yet to get a matching ring to this "Hot Sauce" embellished beauty.  Alas, you win some you lose some.  It was lovely to know that after all these years of living apart, we still can get around to catching up every so often.  Hooray, sister!

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