Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot Springs at the Blue Lagoon

Suffice it to say, as I'm writing in a thin-walled hotel lobby in Vík with a slightly swollen foot, we're in Iceland.  Fully embracing the spirit of adventure in an otherwise corporate world, my friend Kalie and I landed in Keflavik International Airport, about 45 minutes outside of the capital city Rejkyavik.  In as few words as possible, Iceland is cold.  It became quickly evident that despite being chic and incredibly comfortable to wear, my Madewell maxi dress was no match for nearly constant threat of drizzle and breeze.

The bright side?  It did make for an easy to wear dress for our first stop, the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, an almost requirement for all international tourists coming to Iceland.  Built over a geothermal power plant, the spa features huge pools of sulfur-enriched, hot waters and silica mud that smoothes the skin.  Seriously, I couldn't get over how soft my skin was after.

The spa also provides shampoo, conditioner and a hot shower once you exit the warm waters for the ridiculously cold outdoors.  The hitch?  Clearly, the Icelandic have little interest regarding shower curtains, if you know what I mean.  In the anticipation that the showers may have played out like a game of Marco Polo, both my travel buddy and I came out unscathed for the most part, and ready to explore.

Since the lobby is winding down for the night and I'm about to fall asleep right on this couch, this is it for tonight.  I'll keep posting the rest of our adventures, not to mention some sweet photos, in the coming days.

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