Monday, February 4, 2013

In Transit: Train & Vignettes

I think this time around I'm going to take a new approach to planning out my life.  Instead of making promises that I'll break like telling people that I'll write more, I'm just going to preach the value of "no."  It appears that every time I say "yes, I will do something", life happens to body slam me with work.  This month, I vow to say no in the vain hopes that that no will turn into a freer schedule.

That said, I thought about this morning how nice it would've been to write a fantastic little vignette on riding trains and being free-spirited.  Instead, I worked my little toosh off from New York City - Penn Station to Providence, save an hour nap and a snapshot or two from Instagram.

Manhattan skyline taken from the Acela, via Instagram.

I love trains.  Something about a train station just breathes whimsy to me... with the very specific exception of Penn Station, which is an awful place.  Yet, train stations in their glory evoke a sense of vintage and old school romance, a la 2009's Chanel No. 5 commercial... and while, working on a train on Monday morning is stressful, there is nothing better than getting off at my little station and Providence, heading for a sandwich at Caf√© la France, and all the while singing Simon and Garfunkel songs in your head.

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