Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Honest Look: LOVE by Prabal Gurung x Target

For lack of a better way to phrase it, I got bored last weekend and decided to go to not one, but two Target locations in the metro Atlanta area to check out the launch of Prabal Gurung's latest collaboration.  If you've been reading the blog, I've been incredibly jazzed about this about this for a while.  Sad to say, however, I was a tad disappointed in not the quality of the clothes, but just the product inventory that they decided to bring.  Mind you, this is Target and not Bergdorf's, but nonetheless, I'm a big proponent of stick with what you market.

I got to both stores in the late afternoon on Sunday, and was keen on acquiring a pair of black strappy heels and a red ruffled dress (you know, for dates with JZ...).  Unfortunately, both stores only possessed neon items of both varieties.  Not to mention, much of the items paired in Target's lookbook weren't available, as one item was there and another item was no where to be found, which was insanely disappointing for those wanting to recreate looks.  I'm not sure if this was the case in every store, but it definitely was the case in the two different locations I visited.

I ended up pulling 3 different pieces, and proceeded to pull a massive self-picture session in the dressing room.  No shame here.  Check out the damage on the next page.

Now, I realize that I run a tad chesty when it comes to the average Asian girl, but the Full Skirt dress was an absolute struggle to get on.  I tried it on in my usual size 2, and almost crushed a rib getting it on.  The material itself wasn't too great, as a majority of the options available had broken seams.  However, I will say, it looks great on.  It's a pity that it took a crushed lung in order to actually get into the dress.

Moving on up the size ladder, I tried on the First Date Print short sleeve dress, per my sister's request.  I'm not entirely a huge fan of prints, but the material itself was rather comfortable.  At a size 4 however, it still made an awkward fit, as I couldn't raise my arms higher than the sleeve length.  Hence, this dress was another no go.

I did fall in love with one piece.  Magical, ecstatic, fantastic love, but alas a love that did not last.  The Pleated Black and White dress hit all the right notes with me.  It was comfortable and chic.  The material was  incredibly comfortable.  It was definitely wearable at any cocktail or formal occasion.  It also came 2 sizes too large, which was odd because it was almost perfect albeit a few expected things.  This was probably the only dress I would've came out of the store with if I could have tried a size smaller.

What do you think lovelies?  Did you come out of the Prabal Gurung x Target launch with any great pieces? Could you find what you wanted?  Share with me!  Holler at your girl down below.

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