Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Travelogue: New York, New York

Today -- or at least for the next 30 minutes, marks my four month anniversary in New York City.  Mind you, if you haven't wandered on over to the "About" section (which to my own admission is still "Under Construction" at this point in time), could have probably figured out that I'm actually not from here.  If not, the admission that I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in my skivvies as I type this on my work laptop listening to Rihanna will affirm it.

This week also marks the half-month point until I finally leave this amazing city.  You may be wondering, "Why start a lifestyle blog revolving around travel when you're about to leave one of the greatest cities on Earth?"  For now, let's blame it on pure laziness, and let this blog at least serve as a catch-up to the present day.  In plain honesty though, the sheer amount to do has taken up a majority of time here, even if that time is limited to the 4-5 hours I get outside of work.

Left:  Skyline taken from the rooftop lounge at the Sheraton Tribeca; Right:  The Empire State Building taken from the rooftop bar, 230 Fifth.

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The last four months have been marked by concerts, shopping, and way to much delicious food.  It'll take me honestly hours to write everything down, so for now, it's probably better for me to just give the highlights.

Left:  Ingrid Michaelson concert at Terminal 5; Top-Right:  Madison Square Eats Street Fair; Bottom-Right:  Pocha 32

I think some of my favorite memories have been food and music-based.  Bold admission of the night:  I've gained 7 pounds in the last month from the amount I ate -- with Madison Square Eats (a street fair on the corner of 22nd and 5th Ave) and Pocha 32 (a Korean restaurant in KTown), being two of my favorite places thus far.  From the music side, it strikes me as insane how a concert for an artist in Atlanta will attract such a small audience, but in New York, the fans will pack into a huge disco hall instead.  The atmosphere is that much more ridiculous with that many people, even for a show as typically chill as the Ingrid Michaelson show at Terminal 5 in Chelsea.  Then again, who am I to complain about a great show?

If you're looking for something to do outside of the normal touristy attractions in New York, I definitely recommend Daily Candy and New York Magazine's blogs.  They're an up-to-date and amazing source/critique on anything in Manhattan and in the boroughs.

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