Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lookbook: Color Pops and the Plain White Tee

Before I start posting pictures of myself in what I would deem as a "lookbook", let me be completely frank in saying that I am not a stylish person.  While I do have brief and rare epiphanies , my actual ability to style myself is quite lacking, if else, non-existent all together.  Case in point, I present terrible moments in Vivian fashion history (so much wrong, so little right).  Hence, when I graduated from college, I challenged myself to rebuild my wardrobe.  Specifically, I wanted to find ways to integrate what I already had and combine them with new, quality, and timeless pieces for work, play, and everything in between.  Not to mention, whatever I these "new, quality, and timeless pieces" were, my "rebuilt wardrobe" had to pass the ultimate test -- fitting into my suitcase.  (Darn you, limited suitcase space!)

After quite a bit of hesitation and some urging from a friend, I decided to go through with this "lookbook" of mine.  I'm sorry, but I am awkward in front of a camera.  Do you need me to pull out a "terrible moments in Vivian photographic history collage?"  In any case, my friend Salvador played forced-photographer to my freaked out fashionista.  Since it was summer in the city, less meant more in 90+ degree weather.  While the plain white v-neck could play host to a number of different options, I paired it with some color-pop shorts from J. Crew.  The scarf added a nice touch of pattern and textural contrast against the solid colors... not to mention it made a super fun turban later in the day when I got bored.

Madewell V-Neck Pocket TeeJ. Crew 5" Chino Shorts, Madewell Scarf (similar),  Silver Coach watch (old), Marc Jacobs black leather cross body bag (old), Katie & Kelly sandals from DSW (old)

Paired with some nude sandals and gold accessories, I was ready to explore SoHo and the East Side.  Let's save that story for another time.  A girl's got to get her beauty rest.

In any case, what do you think?  What basic thing do you think is necessary in a wardrobe?  If you're brave enough, what are some of your own terrible moments?  Holla at yo girl.


  1. LOVE the purple shorts!! a comfy airy shirt like the one you're wearing is pretty essential to me...can be paired with shorts, skirt, or pants; easily accessorized with a belt, scarf as you did, or chunky jewelry.

  2. btw...wanna do a hair tutorial? because I like your hair too :)

  3. I've been on a quest to get a better work/weekend wardrobe together too since getting out. Been researching the capsule wardrobe concept. I replaced about four pairs of awful stretch pants with two pairs from The Limited and donated some sweaters that probably date back to 9th grade, but I'd still like to figure out how to accessorize in a place where high heels are off-limits and a scarf could get pulled into machinery and rip off my head... I'm excited to see the look book so I can get some ideas for looking more like an adult! If I could pull off purple shorts like that it would make my life so much cooler!

    1. Lies. You could totally pull off the purple shorts. The green ones from J. Crew would look really good on you too.

  4. i love this chic outfit
    such a casual weekend outfit
    [ aphrodite blue ]

  5. you look great! so casual and cool