Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Ladies of Bean Town

To state the seemingly apparent, I collect cities.  Depending on my work location, I'll settle down in the nearest metropolis, make friends, start a life, and move on when the next job post comes.  Last year, my adopted city was New York City, and it's becoming more apparent that this year, it's Boston.

I've been to Boston probably as many times as I've been to New York in the last year... and sadly enough collectively, I've probably been to both places more than I have been in my own home.  Aside from that point, it's been a delicious change of scenery, and yet a major cultural shift.  As my friend Kalie described it, it's like Boston has a collective heart and its people operate on a similar wavelength of city pride that you don't often see in many cities.  In Atlanta, you'll see baseball caps representing the Braves, Yankees or Dodgers, but in Boston, it's a consistent trend of Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics and the occasional Pawtucket PawSox.
A few of my good girl friends and I took Labor Day weekend to explore the city mostly by foot and subway.  There's a beat and beauty to this city that I love.  Walking around, Boston has all of the bustle of a major city from its skyscrapers to its hecklers, but it has a historic reverence to it, what with its ivy covered townhomes, gilded town halls, and brick-laden behemoth that is Fenway.  I had the supreme pleasure of getting a tour of the city from Dana, my best friend Anita's friend from college (yes, world, this is adulthood, where friend-of-friend-of-friends prevail), in which we walked post-White Sox game from Fenway over to North End and finally to Cambridge and were practically agog at every corner.  I think my propensity for photo-taking can speak for itself in this case. 

Put simply and in conversational Vivian terms, "GAHHH I WANT TO MOVE HERE."

(In case you were wondering, the Red Sox deftly beat the White Sox to day, 7 to 6).

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