Thursday, December 13, 2012

Travelogue: Holiday Blow Out at NYC DryBar

Man of mine (aka, one Mr. JZ) graciously allowed me to be his date for his office holiday party in the city that never sleeps last week.  Like any good semi-stylish and transient girlfriend with a gift card in tow, I ventured off into Midtown to the original New York DryBar at the Parker Meridien to get my hair done.  Humorously enough, Man of Mine wanted to tag along too, but then stopped short of the Parker Meridien's doors and decided to set up shop there instead.  No lie, I've been excited about this appointment for a while -- boyfriend or no boyfriend.  Being of the sort-of stiff Asian hair variety, my head doesn't rear itself around any orientation other than straight or out-of-bed-hair.  As such, it was pretty impressing to see something different.

Front desk and waiting area at DryBar Parker Meridien in New York City.

After being 10 minutes late, DryBar managed to hold my appointment, which was great because I looked like a hot rain-soaked mess.  My stylist was this lovely individual named Sean, whose hair resembled a Mardi Gras parade (and I mean that in the most awesome way possible) and wore the keenest handlebar mustache.  We bonded over the awkward nature of "polite chit chat" and cackled like old friends as he washed my hair with what I assumed to be Morrocan oil shampoo (?).

Click the next page to read more about the experience and see the final result.  It's a before and after picture, like Jared in the Subway commercials only a bit more flattering.  I stress "a bit."  Long story short, just click the next page.

At the chair, I described that I wanted to look classy, but hip.  Like Kate Middleton classy, but with shorter hair.  I kid you not, those were my exact words so please don't judge me.  He gave me a mixture of the Cosmo and the Mai-Tai, which was perfect.  The venue itself is lovely, filled with bright colors, gabby ladies ready to party, and a plasma screen t.v. which played an old school Jonathan Taylor Thomas Christmas movie.  The blow out itself felt like it went by quickly what with the JTT and the crisp cucumber-lemon water they served, but it ended up taking 45 minutes.  The result was a $40 blow out that you can see below.  Sean even helped let my inner hair model loose by playing photographer.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the experience.  The style held up for the most part even after wandering in the drizzle for about 30 minutes afterwards, which was a terrible idea.  Then again, the final cost was $15 including tip with the gift card.  I will say that the gift card does make an amazing gift.  I felt like all sorts of awful before getting my blow out, but as superficial as it sounds, it cheered me up so much.  Not to mention the service was excellent, given that I kept getting compliments by the employees after.  I'm not modest enough to deny them that right.

What do you think lovelies?  Approve of my style?  Have any questions?  Do you have your own blow out pictures you want to share? Because, I'd love to see them!  Holler back at your girl down below.

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