Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Travelogue: City Shopping in Historic Boston

Once, not too long ago, I posted a blog about Boston somewhere on the aging crevices on the Internet under the misappropriated title "I Think I'll Go to Boston."  Unfortunately, I was a dirty liar and went to a nearby suburb instead.  This time around, JZ challenged me to see the real Boston, as dear man of mine is a Boston native.  Of course, our expedition was not with out it's fair share of exploring the local shops and scenes around town.  After an obligatory visit to Newberry St. and Copley Square (the city's go-to shopping corridor), we stopped by Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market for the holiday and historical sights.

View of Quincy Market from the base of Fanueil Hall

I'm in love with colonial American history.  So to walk through a 21st century mall in a 18th century setting was quite the treat, as the sides were lined with gift shops and clothiers like Banana Republic, Orvis, and Gap.  If you manage to get out there, make sure you take a walk through Quincy Market, which is Boston's equivalent to Seattle's Pike's Place or New York's Chelsea Markets.  The long building is an extended hallway filled with Asian food, chowder stalls, and Italian cannoli stands left and right.  Not to mention, if you're in the center rotunda, there's a beautiful staircase that leads to some amazing little nooks where you can eat.

Flanking the marketplace and in Faneuil Hall next door, there are some great little souvenir shops and carts with everything ranging from colonial themed snacks to kitty cat socks.  I think my favorite had to be the original Cheers gift shop down in the basement of Quincy Market... because I'm clearly a sucker for old pop culture.  Although the kitty cat socks were quite tempting, we didn't come away with anything in particular other than a nice Banana Republic scarf for JZ.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a winter afternoon.  What do you think lovelies?  Think it's worth a shot to visit?  Think I need to take better pictures?  Got any other Boston recommendations?  Sound off below!

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  1. It looks gorgeous at Christmas! I haven't been to Boston since I was a kid & I would love to go sometime!

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