Monday, September 17, 2012

Lookbook: Layers into Football Fashion

Needless to say it, but the beginning of fall has meant a very long pause away, be it for vacation, for work, for training or for the ever-so-lovely mister visiting Atlanta with only three days notice.  Then again, I'm not a girl to complain about having more than a week's notice about visitors, especially of the male suitor variety.  Since JZ had never really explored the South before and with the coming of a new football season, it meant a fun filled weekend of tailgating, the Georgia Tech - Virginia game, and grits.

Left:  Bobby Dodd Stadium at the start of the Georgia Tech vs. Virginia game; Right:  one of the only two photos of which I was coherent enough to take.  Sorry to my friend Maz for cutting off his face.  It's too beautiful for the masses to see.

The one thing to know about college football in the South (for the average sorority girl and the occasional fabulous man-friend) is that it is as much of a fashion statement as it is about the sport.  Yes folks, we dress up for football just like we'd dress up for church.  The men are dressed in what could be their Sunday best, and the women don their school colors in skirts, sundresses, and short combos.  While recycling old game day outfits it perfectly acceptable, those who still can't afford a brand new outfit every game can re-mix and match.  This of course was my very predicament as I decided to go less than 24 hours before the game.  Let's call it, the 1-hour challenge for the quest for the perfect white and gold combination (with navy being an acceptable contrast color).

Madewell Perfect Racerback Tank; Madewell Serenade Tank; Crafts and Love Fringe Necklace

The result?  A fortunate trip to Madewell that resulted in a two-for-$35 tank deal for their perfect racerbank tank and their Serenade tank on sale.  I loved how the racerback's nude color paired well with my skin tone, and managed to make my wobbly bits not show.  Paired with an three-year-old navy Banana Republic miniskirt and a Crafts and Love layering necklace, the outfit was a touch of old gold and vintage charm.  

Sorority sisters both new and alumni, which also is picture number two in which I was coherent enough to take.

Lastly, big props to my sorority sisters looking super fine, and the girl who I managed to catch on the right side.  Cowboy boots at a football game deserve major style props.  Go, whatever your name may be.  Let your style ring out into the corners of the Internet.

What do you think readers?  A welcome post after weeks of not being here?  Got a tale of game day glory you want to share?  Holler at your girl down below.

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