Thursday, January 17, 2013

Travelogue: Auld Lang Syne, I'm Alive!

Snowfall in Providence, Rhode Island
Is it too late to write a New Year's post?  It's been a couple weeks into the new year, and already I've half-mangled all of my resolutions.  For the sake of not boring you, let's skip over the sad, pathetic details of these attempts and reflect on how hard it is to maintain a steady lifestyle when you live out of a suitcase.  There's always hope for next year.  Remember lovelies, I never promised that I was good at this traveling thing... only that I do it a lot.

As the fates should have it, I am in the Northeast once again.  This time, for a one year stint in Providence, Rhode Island, to which there are a variety of feelings that I would prefer not to get into.  More importantly, I'm alive!  Though, I've been subsisting on a diet of hotel food and coffee for the last week.  No matter, things will settle down.  In any case, old friends, I just wanted to you to know I'm alive... and in Rhode Island.  Also, that it snowed here?

I jest.  I have big plans for the blog this year.  Firstly, a makeover, as you can see the construction going on.  Perhaps even some better quality pictures?  Let's say this, I resolve (3 weeks into the new year) to go further, have crazier adventures, shop less but more effectively, and document it all for your viewing pleasure.

And until then, my lovelies, happy new year and three weeks!

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